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Gear for Freediving

Freediving is an activity where people try to spend as much time underwater as possible. Some people attempt to go as deep as they can on a single breath seeking to win contests held for these feats. There’s a big subculture of freediving out there with people who really enjoy being under the sea. You might find people who enjoy spear fishing and thus spend their time looking for their next big catch while spending long periods of time underwater looking for an elusive fish to finally capture. Others might seek a more peaceful activity while underwater and collect seashells or oysters. There’s so many treasures hidden under the waves and it’s up to you to decide which of them you want to go after and get.

There are plenty of different team sports that are played by freedivers. There is underwater football, underwater rugby, and underwater hockey. All of which are weird hybrids of the games that are played on the dry land. These games require massive lung capacity and a strong ability to stay underwater for long periods of time. You’re going to need to be in pretty good shape to play these sports.

For personal contests there are countless different ways for people to compete based on breath holding capabilities and the ability to have the deepest descent possible. These contests sometimes allow for people to use freediving fins to get more depth and better control of the swimmer’s body as they head towards the ocean’s floor.

freediving fins

This is a very challenging series of skills that will take years to master. I got faith that if you really want to strive to get good at this, you can do it.

In the events that allow swim fins to be used to help a person there are different types of fins people use. Monofins are fins that join both feet and create one giant fin for the swimmer to use to displace massive amounts of water with their lower body. These monofins make a person look a bit like a mermaid, a creature from myth and legend. There are even monofins for sale that include a body sleeve to really complete the mermaid look for those who are seeking to achieve it. There are plenty of different types of monofins on the market from options that only cost about fifty dollars to competitive level high quality monofins that go for over three hundred and twenty dollars. If you think this is your idea of a good swim fin, or you really want to do some mermaid cosplay this is the swimming equipment for you.

Standard swim fins are also legal in some freediving events. To find a competitive pair of swim fins for freediving you can go on-line and expect to pay a good amount of money. High quality freediving fins will run you nearly five hundred dollars. This is the sort of price you’ll have to pay for the good stuff if you want to hang with the best in this field.