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The Best Way To Use Essential Oil For Sunburn

In ancient times humans stayed out of the sun as much as possible since it was hot and water was difficult to find. Then in about the late 1950’s it became fashionable to have a nice tan, swimming pools were installed in the nice neighborhoods, and getting a “healthy” tan was cool. Then, starting about 3 decades ago dermatologists started warning people about the UVB and UVA rays and how they could prematurely age the skin and cause skin cancer as well. Now most intelligent people are again avoiding the sun most of the time. There are still a lot of people that sunbathe and visit tanning booths, but fewer as time goes on. Still, just in everyday outdoor activities it’s possible to get a serious sunburn. Here are some tips on using essential oil for sunburn.

The Damage From A Sunburn Can Go Deep

The problem with letting the radiation from the sun pound your skin for hours on end really isn’t with the uppermost layer of your skin. No, the real damage happens deep inside where the UV rays penetrate and change the DNA of a few skin cells. Then, your body works hard to find all of these mutant cells and kill them, at least the ones that aren’t already dead. Most of the time that works, since if it didn’t there would be a lot more cases of skin cancer than there is now.

When it comes to treating a serious sunburn there are several factors that you need to consider. The first is going to be the pain, the skin will be inflamed, hot to the touch, and still burning hours after the exposure. You’ll want some peppermint oil which has natural pain relief properties plus it helps put the fire out and stop the burning. It also has some anti-inflammatory, ant-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties which will all come in handy if your skin blisters and peels.

essential oil for sunburn

Lavender Essential Oil Has Many Uses For Treating Sunburn

Lavender oil is well known for helping to keep skin moist which is going to be difficult now that it’s on fire, burning from the inside out. It also has anti-inflammation properties that will help get the skin ready to start healing and, just like the peppermint oil, it will also kill bacteria and fungi. The other great thing about lavender is that it also has calmative properties that can help soothe your mind, reduce anxiety, and help you sleep. The first night with a bad sunburn it’s going to be almost impossible to sleep.

The best way to use these two together to combine them into one essential oil for sunburn and then mix them both with aloe vera gel. Apply this to the skin on an hourly basis for the entire first day. If you find yourself overheated, pour yourself a bath of cool water and add the two oils to the water. Stay in the bath for as long as needed to get the skin temperature down to where it isn’t hot to the touch.

Finally, add the two oils to the aloe vera gel and apply again before bedtime. You may want to put some soft towels on the sheets to protect the bed. It’s advisable to get up every few hours and apply more until the pain goes away. Then a couple of times per day until your skin returns to its natural state, soft and supple.