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Best Dog Playpen

Sometimes you need to have your dog outside the house and keep them safe from wondering loose into the wilderness or getting lost in the neighborhood. You don’t want your dog running the risk of meeting up with a skunk or maybe running into some sort of predator or a car that could do harm to your beloved pet. When you’re looking for a good option for your dog being in your backyard and being kept in containment you might think of getting a doggie play pen. A pen like this will allow your dog or dogs to run around and still have space to be active but also keep them in a safe confined area allowing you to have peace of mind that your pet is safe and you’re able to have the house to yourself for a while. No pleading or sad dog eyes asking you for food at dinner. No having your kids hand off their vegetables to the dog while they think you’re not looking.

There are many different makes of dog play pen and you’ll want to look around to figure out exactly which one is the best dog playpen for you and your pets. Learning about the different materials will give you keen insight into what sort of play pen you’re going to want to purchase and can really help you make a smarter decision when it comes time for you to make your purchase. There are metal dog play pens. You might want to use these in the basement instead of outdoors and they can be kind of pricey but they are very durable and will last for a long time. Be careful that there are no exposed sections of your metal dog play pen that could cause an injury for your beloved pooch.

best dog playpen

Plastic dog play pens are cheaper and can be used indoors or out. Being lightweight you don’t have to worry about them damaging the floor in your house or your deck outside, the major problem with these pens is that it is possible for your dogs to be able to chew through them given enough time. Make sure to check on your pets every now and again and that they are behaving themselves and not damaging your dog play pen. Dogs with a better temperament should be fine.

The final option is a mesh dog play pen. These are very lightweight but you’ll have to be careful about the dogs you put inside it. Destructive dogs can quickly chew through this material and large dogs might just knock the walls over and start running loose all over town. If you’ve got some small dog or dogs that have a good attitude these dog play pens can save you a few bucks and should be the option you go for. Otherwise you should go with plastic or metal to make sure your dog is kept confined and you can rest assured that they won’t be causing an incident somewhere they shouldn’t.