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The word recreation comes from the Latin recreational, which means what it refreshes or restores and there is evidence that the term is used since the fifteenth century; however, the development of the theme accelerated from the year 1950, after the Second World War. Based on empirical research, recreation professionals (scientific researchers, educators, recreationists), generally define recreation as activities, pleasurable, voluntary and beneficial for people, made during free time. For example, it is considered that recreational activities are pleasant in the immediate experience due to the restorative sensation that it provokes in the body, which is a long-term can contribute to improving health, the quality, and lifestyle of people in general. On the other hand, pleasure in recreation is commonly associated with the enjoyment of people from a more fundamental perspective: a joy derived from the growth of people (beyond their relaxation or restoration) not only from the physical point of view but also from the mental and spiritual perspectives.

Core Components Of Recreation

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The fact that freedom, multidimensionality, and contextually are complex and core components of recreation, implies that to achieve an efficient design and operation of its services, whether in the private or public sphere, it is necessary to strengthen the research area, specialized education and professionalize its application.

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Healthy Recreation

In recent years, the theme of Healthy Recreation has gained an unprecedented boom, which is justified by the growing awareness of the role of the welfare of human beings and the contributions of various research that have shown the critical effect of the recreational factors for the conservation and deterioration of health.

Relying on the basis of this concept, it can be said that recreation must go in search of the integral development of the man understood as a social being whose needs are met socially, developing harmoniously his three areas of behavior: doing, feeling and think; search for coherence between his speech and his emotion, his word, his affections and his action. From this conception, man is a protagonist, critic, actor and transformer of reality. A recreational activity has an explicit intention, and it is aimed at modifying attitudes and aptitudes, at transmitting knowledge, at preserving the patrimonial values of man, as is his identity, his historicity, and his culture.