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When we talk about the benefits of recreation it is inevitable to agree that they are intimately related to the costs of man, their customs, their behavior, their principles and their culture in general, this allows us to connect recreation with action that promotes and generates values aimed at the preservation and optimization of the quality of life of those who practice it.

These values can be classified into:

Biogenetic values:

They are translated into conservation, maintenance and biological improvement of the body, which allows balancing the endogenous system with exogenous agents.

Social values:

They are translated into behavior, acceptance, adjustment, and setting of man to the socio-cultural environment through activities that allow the relationship, interaction, and communication.

Physical Values:

Refers to the harmonious development of the human body and all its systems, producing a general increase and compensation to the routine effort of work and social stress according to their health. It also contributes to the consolidation of growth and the inclination towards specific skills and abilities necessary for the development of competitive sport and social survival.

Social Value:

It is a social phenomenon through which the individual channels their concerns and expectations to subsist as a social being, so that they can become a communicative citizen and interested in their peers, in a facilitating agent of customs, cultures, needs, and interests in both the personal as well as in the community and encourage the strengthening of the spirit of fellowship and communication.